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    I am a fan of stories related to Camp X and William Stephenson. I plan to buy the book.
    I would like to recommend to Mr. Hemming that he consider researching the history of transatlantic flight within the contexts of Alcock and Brown, to post world war II and the first transatlantic flight of jets (Vampires) from UK to Gander. An interesting subtext is the number of planes built in Canada that were ferried, including the noble Lancaster Bomber (my dad was aboard when the first was delivered to England). An additional subtext is that women pilots ferried planes to England.

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    I read your Tales of Two Cities in WSJ 11/23-24/2019. I was stationed in Stuttgart, WGermany in 1965-1968. I made two trips to East Berlin as part of the US Army program. I wrote a US Army train to W Berlin & Back. Very exciting experiences when we surprised a visiting group of Eastern Block families at the Soviet War Memorial! I have photos, etc. Want to see them?

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    Hi Henry! I am reading through Agents like a house on fire. I am on a mission which I am hoping you may be able to help me with. My mother worked for Sir Wm early in the war; she was one of the “Reliable Canadian women” that responded to the advert. She left a few clues such as her photo album showing her and her pals at the Beekman and was overjoyed when a friend of hers sent her Quiet Canadian in 1963. I never understood what it all meant until the last few years. Diving into literature on Enigma. Gordon Welshman and Bletchley allowed me to see the effect of keeping the Official Secrets to your grave. I want to obtain her wartime file but it is in UK; Canada doesn’t have it. I have anecdotes about her experience and I want to pass all of this to my daughter named after my mom. Your lines on page 95 sent a chill. Love to chat to you.

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    Dear Mr. Hemming,
    I loved the book but I’m wondering if you could help out a fellow historian. I’m with the Historical Society of Bloomfield New Jersey here in the states. The Schering Corporation had a facilty here which the BSC helped expose as being owned by the germans. They did this with the help of a gentleman named George Merten. I was dissapointed to find no mention of this in your book. I’m putting together a program about the BSC and Schering in May and l was wondering if you had any new information you could share with me regarding Schering, Merten, and The George Office. I know the story fairly well but details are scarce. Any info you could supply me with would be greatly
    Appreciated. Thank you.

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    Hi Henry, this may be a bit of an odd request but I am trying to find contact information for your father. I am interested in discussing his book RED GOLD. Please feel free to look me up, I am a producer here in Los Angeles, my film SERGIO just opened at the Sundance film festival last week. Kindly, Brent Travers

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    Hi Henry, just finished Our Man in New York. What a fascinating read and account of Bill Stephenson “activities”. I couldn’t put it down!!

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    Dear Mr. Hemming, I have so much enjoyed Agents of Influence. One small copy editor catch. The baseball teal in Washington DC was the the Washington Senators during the prewar and war. Only recently were they the Nationals. A different franchise. If you can correct this it would make for a very smooth read!
    Rosemary Wells

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    Good morning dear Henry , thanks for your book about spy master from secret service, as victim of pathetic corrupt greedy idiots spy masters, I strongly doubt that people from MI5,6,, GCHQ, secret service have any dignity or integrity. For last 25 years they’re trolling me and use local have nothing to do, kids, mothers, old pensioners that fancy themselves as a James Bonds… disgusting . In my opinion this is criminal activity. I think people who use coercion and manipulation, abuse, criminality should be taken to court . I have no respect or anything good to say about this . Disgrace for humanity. Horrendous elitist idiots agenda.

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