was in the news today, including a brief mention of a certain escapee – G. Pyke – in the BBC News article by Stephen Evans.

This is part of the publicity for the forthcoming RHS exhibition on the Ruhleben Horticultural Society, and their attempts to track down relatives of Ruhleben’s gardening enthusiasts.

Perhaps one day there will be efforts to track down the relatives of the gardening enthusiasts in Guantanamo Bay who managed to create a secret garden in the detention camp, an equally moving story.





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It has a NEW cover…

Churchill's Iceman RO HB FINAL (1) (464x709)

A prize for anyone who can see what’s changed…

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Shock of the Old



This is wonderful if true -

In short, it seems that in light of Snowden’s NSA revelations the German parliament may soon go back to using typewriters for its more sensitive exchanges.

The Russians are apparently a step ahead. Last year 20 Triumph Adler typewriters (possibly looking like the one above) were ordered in by the Russian Federal Guard.

Cold War tradecraft is about to be back in fashion – which I’m all for. I think.



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A quote (for Churchill’s Iceman)

“The papers that MI5 released in 2009 have led to the discovery of a wonderful new subject for modern biography. Geoffrey Pyke was a tragic and lonely genius who attempted to plant new ideas into the unresponsive soil of Britain during the first half of the twentieth century. His final wish “to be forgotten as if I had never lived” has now been dramatically eclipsed by this amazing story of mystery and adventure. It is as if he had been invented by G. K. Chesterton and given posthumous fame by John le Carré – which underlines the extraordinary accomplishment of his actual biographer Henry Hemming.”

Sir Michael Holroyd


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It has a cover…

Out on 14 August of this year. More to follow soon.

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