Here’s a fascinating review by Keith Jeffery in The Wall Street Journal.

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The New York Times


This is really exciting, and not just for the fact that they’ve turned the cover of the book into a turquoise ice lolly – TIMP in Cool Beach Books For Hot Summer Days, by Janet Maslin, in The New York Times.

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This is exciting. Goodreads have just announced their favourite books for May.

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Wonders & Marvels

Here’s a piece I wrote for the Wonders & Marvels blog.

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Some Early Reviews

It’s traditional on your own site to turn a blind eye to basically any review that could be construed as negative. But I’m in a quandary about the review of The Ingenious Mr Pyke which appeared this week in the Columbus Dispatch. I mean, in no way could it be described as a rave review. It will not have the good people of Columbus, Ohio, rushing out to their local bookstores and demanding to buy the book. But nor is it, to use the technical term, a stinker.

Anyway it’s online for all to see, as is this rather more upbeat review from The Christian Science Monitor.


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