It has a cover…

Out on 14 August of this year. More to follow soon.

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Here’s a piece I wrote some time ago for about the wonderful people at Saqi Books, in Westbourne Grove. Long may they prosper.

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is fascinating and emphatically Saudi. It’s a protest movie, really, without protesting or being at all confrontational. While there were moments when it seemed to be getting too didactic, it never went too far, and besides, there’s a need to explain to the wider world how Saudi society works. I certainly can’t think of a better snapshot of early 21st century Saudi Arabia.

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King Arthur


at Summer Solstice earlier this morning, looking better than ever in his panama hat. I really hope this is a permanent addition to his get-up.


Image courtesy of Getty Images (many more of the Summer Solstice here).

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London 1926


1926 is one of the happiest years in the life of Geoffrey Pyke, whose biography I’m now writing. Large chunks of this year he spent in London. Here, for the first time, is London in 1926 in colour, and I can’t stop watching it. There’s something about the height of the camera combined with the speed of it all which is hypnotic (I’m also a fan of the hand at 1:38).


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