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    Not quite sure when fiction fades into fact, i can forgive the author some indulgence. Rip roaring read though if Smiley is your genre. I did like the link to Joyce, the traitor not the Irish author and fascism and how bipolar the political world was then.

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      Thanks Paul, glad you liked it. On fiction and fact all I can say is that anything I wasn’t sure about I left out of the book, everything that remained is supported by source material. The link to Joyce amazes me still. A fascinating relationship. Thanks again

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    A most interesting book but there was a dark side to MK; as
    Captain King he arranged for his agent at the glass works for
    Theodore Schurch to set up with Fascists in London but failed to support him during the courts martial held at Chelsea in 1946

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      Hi David, thanks for this, and yes, there certainly was a dark side to MK. I hadn’t heard about Theodore Schurch. Where can I read more about him?
      All very best,

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    Dear Henry,
    Thank you very much for writing “The Ingenious Mr. Pyke”. I have just finished it. He was a really wonderful man and should be much more remembered and celebrated.
    What happened to Mr. Falk? How can I learn more about him?

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      Thanks for this John, I’m so glad you enjoyed getting to know Geoffrey Pyke. I couldn’t agree more – he should be more celebrated. As for Mr Falk, I know very little about what happened to him. If you do find out, please let me know! Thanks again, Henry

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