V happy to say that The Ingenious Mr P is now available as an audiobook, read beautifully by James Langton (that’s him above).

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    Re Mastery of the Snows: the North Vietnamese and the Viet Cong used that concept in the American War in South Vietnam. We controlled the populated areas and they controlled the empty areas. They won! Because we always spread ourselves too thin. I know. I was there. Now there’s a book!

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      Absolutely, and you could, I guess, say something similar about Afghanistan today. Thank you for making the connection. Really interesting.

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    Just to say that The Ingenious Mr P was one of the most enjoyable and fascinating books it’s been my good fortune to record as an audiobook. Many congratulations!

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      Thank you! That’s really kind, and it means a lot coming from someone who’s got to know the book so well. I haven’t listened to the whole book, but I’ve listened to the first half hour and thought it was beautifully read. Again, thank you, this time for doing such an excellent job. Fingers crossed my next book is turned into an audiobook, in which case I’ll insist that you read it.
      All very best,

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