Land of the Free

Admittedly this doesn’t have much to do with clubs, groups and the like, but here are some snaps from the drive I’ve just done across a teeny part of America, from Memphis to Washington DC. What did we see? (We = me + wife)

All sorts of things, from a seance in Kentucky in which we met Jesse James’s lesser known brother Frank, who turns out to be a huge Bon Jovi fan, through to a museum in Ohio showing how Noah built his ark and towards the end of the drive one of the strangest encounters I can think of. We were sheltering from a storm in Virginia and I got chatting to the guy behind me in the restaurant. He’d lost a car in the storm and had a big plaster on his head. The conversation got onto London, and the fact that he had been there not long ago.

Me: ‘And what were you doing?’
Him: ‘Work.’
Me: ‘What kind of work?’
Him: ‘Well, no-one seems to believe me when I tell them, but I used to be Director of the CIA.’
Me: ‘Really?’
Him: ‘Sure. Now I’m an organic farmer.’
I looked him up later and sure enough he had been.
America is a very friendly place.

This one needs a brief explanation: you’re looking at the Garden of Eden, as recreated in the Creation Museum just outside Cinncinati. Just behind them is a dinosaur. Most interesting thing I learnt in the Creation Museum: there were no weeds in the Garden of Eden.




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