This appeared

last week in the Evening Standard, and perhaps elsewhere..? Am not sure. It was taken in Hove.

The owner of the offending beach hut has been told by the local council that he has two weeks to get the colour scheme in line with the others, or else.

It would make my year if it stays. That line of monochrome huts somehow makes more sense with the harlequin in its midst. It makes me think of a goalie next to his or her team – actually, now that I’ve counted, there are eleven huts in the shot.

If I had more time – lots, lots more time – I would write huffy letters to Brighton and Hove Council about this (in between equally plaintive letters to Westminster Council asking them to consider planting a bed of forget-me-nots in Parliament Square in memory of Brian Haw). In the meantime I’ll put this picture on my desk and generally gaze at it lovingly.


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    This reminds me of a book I’ve used with my 6-7-year-old students called The Big Orange Splot. Check it out.

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