Ideas from the RSA debate, Part 2

Not long ago I got an email from a friend who had come to the RSA debate earlier this month. He works in the public sector and liked the idea that our understanding of community needs to be broadened. But he came away from the debate wanting to know more about the next step. In other words, what can policy-makers take from Together?

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The Death of the English Village?

Was the almost sinister-sounding title of my RSA debate on Thursday. It was billed as me vs. Clive Aslet, Editor at Large of Country Life (one day, when I grow up, I want to be Editor at Large of something, anything – could there be a better job title?). But it wasn’t really a vs. kind of debate, and we spent a lot of the time agreeing with each other.

As is the way with switched-on orgs like the RSA, if you missed the debate you can listen to it here, read the liveblog here, at onemanandhisblog, or read Matthew Taylor’s take on things here.

Lots of interesting ideas cropped up during the event. Will blog about them tomorrow..

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