The Today programme, today,

was much more fun than I thought it would be. If nothing else, it was a huge release to be discussing the book and to have it out there after three years of beavering away at it in relative isolation.

In case you missed it: Is British ‘togetherness’ growing?

Hopefully there’ll be many more chances to debate it at length. I feel as though that conversation had only just got going when it stopped.

Interestingly, I suggested this in a tweet that would been read at demos. Have not yet heard anything back…

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Wheels Coming off at the Rotary?

Is a two-part programme about Rotary Clubs in Britain today. It aired this morning on Radio 4. Fascinating stuff. I like the presenter.

But so many things he didn’t say… Also he didn’t seem to get the fact that having an elderly membership in your club is not necessarily a death sentence. With our average life expectancy what it is today – and rising always – clubs like this can often sustain themselves by recruiting people in their 50s and 60s.

Also, not a word about the sense of identity you get within a Rotary Club, the role of regalia, the gap these groups fill in so many lives etc.

Maybe he’ll take that on in part two – airs next Friday.

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