Nationwide Survey

Between 2009-10 I organized a nationwide survey of small groups in Britain. This was part of my research for Together.

You may have taken part in it, in which case a big thank you. The book would not be the same without your input. As I put it in the Acknowledgements, you are the stars of Together!

Whether you took part in the survey or not, you’re welcome to see the results here (free under a Creative Commons licence). It’s got pie-charts and everything.

The Results

Or if you want to see a list of groups involved and read more about exactly how the survey was run, see:

How the Survey Came About

Equally if you belong to a small voluntary group that has been going for some time or, better still, inspired by Together, you’ve formed a group, I’d love to hear about it. There is so little survey-related material on voluntary associations that I’ve decided to keep the survey going; the questionnaire’s here.