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A quick update: Our Man in New York will be released in the UK in all its different formats on Thursday 5 September. For the kindlers out there, it is available as an ebook; for those who prefer paper, it will be out in hardback; and anyone who wants to hear me reading it out can download or stream the audiobook.

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    I enjoyed reading your story on Sir William Stephenson ans wondered of you are firmilar with an Australian by the name of Sydney Cotton. Cotton was involved in aereial photography for Britain in early WW2 only one of his many accomplishments. His full story can be found on Wikipedia under his nwme. He was also a friend of Ian Flemming. I think he is a forgotten person of great interest. A doco on him entitled “The Last Plane Out of Berlin” was made for ABC TV Australia. I hope you enjoy reading about him.
    Regards Roger

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      Many thanks Roger, no I hadn’t heard of Sydney Cotton, but I’ll keep an eye out for him in future research. Thanks again, Henry

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    Statement on page 11 ‘ NOW BRITAIN STOOD ALONE’ is incorrect. Britain NEVER stood alone in WW2. What about Canada, South Africa, India, Australia and New Zealand? This statement is an insult to these Commonwealth countris who’s blood was SPILT in WW2. This myth seems to have origiated from Winston Churchill’s speeches of that era. I have seen this statement in numerous publications.

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