Maxwell Knight and Cuckoos

This remains easily the most interesting piece I’ve read about Maxwell Knight. It’s by Helen MacDonald, who wrote it a little bit before her H is for Hawk came out. I was re-reading it yesterday. I think the main reason I keep coming back to it is for the way it brings out a strand of Knight’s character that you don’t read about elsewhere, or at least I haven’t – the idea of his patriotism finding expression in his relationship with British wildlife.

Also, I like any article which mentions Goo the cuckoo, my favourite of all Knight’s pets.

Highly recommended.




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    From the back of Misadventure in the Middle East , I quote “you can see examples of his work at www.”.
    But where exactly ? There’s nothing coming up on that website.

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    See above remark. Since this is a travel book with no illustrations I would like some to show where he and Al are travelling. Thank you.

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