New Biography of MI5’s Maxwell Knight

At last I can announce my next book. Drum roll please… It’s a biography of the great MI5 spymaster Maxwell Knight – the naturalist and jazz-obsessive who helped to inspire the James Bond character ‘M’.

The book will be called M.

Here’s a bit more about it all in today’s The Bookseller.

And some more here.

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    Henry, just finished your book on Geoffrey Pyke. Wonderful. My review on goodreads.

    I live in Singapore and would be great to meet you of you visit. Best of luck on your future ventures.

    • 2

      Many thanks Gautam, that’s extremely kind of you. Will let you know if – or when, to be more optimistic – my book travels take me to Singapore. Hopefully sooner rather than later.
      Thanks again,

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    I was impressed that you’ve identified a lot of new names of undercover agents in CPGB amd BUF. The archive research on which your account is based is solid. But who was the TUC spy in BUF you mention? There’s no footnote.

    • 4

      Hi Kevin, thanks for this, and sorry to have left off the footnote for that one. I made the decision to give footnotes just for quotations, but am happy to help with this one. The TUC spy inside the BUF was: W. H. Stevenson. In October 1933, and possibly for some time after, he provided information to a man at the TUC called Dunbar. This is from Stephen Dorril, Blackshirt, p. 256. Hope that helps, H

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