Driving Back

last night from my talk in Lincoln – which was fun, I like Lincoln – I caught a bit of Tony Livesey on 5 Live. It was coming up to midnight and they had a feature on what made people happy. Of the four people to call in two of them said that it was the small groups they belonged to that made them happy. One of these was a running club, the other a book group. Someone should write a book about this.

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    I’m really annoyed, I live in Lincoln and wanted to come to your talk but I was working away… I’m glad you like Lincoln. I do too. Well now I avoid it after 8pm I do… Are you doing any more talks? My friend bought me your bookfor christmas which I’d read even before the christmas cheese had been scoffed (I only have cheese at christmas). Anyway, I would like to have heard more. Can I?

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      What a shame! But I love the idea of the book being gobbled up on Christmas, before the cheese that is.
      As for hearing more, the Lincoln Art Programme people said they’d put up a podcast on their website. But, as far as I can tell, that hasn’t happened.
      I’m sure I’ll be doing another eccentrics talk over the summer. So keep checking my talks page and I’ll try to drop you a line when I find out that I’m doing one.

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